What is Polish Pottery actually?

It is technically stoneware and we have whole section dedicated to "what is polish pottery", you can read more here


Is Polish Pottery safe to use with food?

This is big YES. Polish pottery is free of harmful elements like cadmium and lead. It is not just admirably beautiful, but it also intended for every day use. It will withstand years of everyday use. The colors will never fade and it is not easy to chip.


Is it safe to use in microwave?

Sure thing. To be honest, it is probably the most often way our customers (and we) are using it. It distributes heat evenly and at the same time it is not affected by microwaves. It will let your meal warm evenly but will not burn your hands.


Is Polish Pottery dishwasher safe?

Absolutely. It is not easy to chip and it is not pours, the shiny glaze is non stick surface and with bit of water is very easy to clean. It is perfect match for your dishwasher :)


Can I use it in oven?

Yes you can. It is stoneware after all. It is safe to use in oven up to 480° F and it will distribute heat very evenly, cooking your cake or roast to evenly without hot spots. Please keep in mind that even though it can handle high and low temperatures it should not go from one extreme to another. So, pouring cold water on a hot dish out of the oven is a big no no.


What about freezer?

One more yes. There is nothing better than prepare your roast in marinate day before and have it safe in the fridge for oven. You don't need to move it from dish to dish as you go though different steps. Just use one dish, combine all ingredients, let it seat, put it in oven and voilà. Remember to let your dish warm up gradually, as extreme changes can damage or shorten live of your dish.


Where is it made?

Polish Pottery is made in Poland as name suggest, and it is truly made 100% in Poland, no imported components or raw materials. There are many workshops, small and big around city of Boleslawiec in Poland. The region is in reach of the raw clay that is imperative to create quality products. And although we have seen counterfeit pieces made in China it is easy to distinguish genuine polish pottery, the quality of the items made in Poland is superior to any copies.


Is it really hand made?

Yes it is really made by hand. Starting with clay, skilled hands are a major component in making polish pottery. The technique evolved over the centuries, and workshops moved from pottery wheels to more sophisticated techniques to create variety of shapes, non-the-less it is still manual work done by hands. Also, painting pottery is done entirely by hand, it requires skill and years of experience to create exquisite pieces.


What is crazing?

Crazing is hairline cracks in glaze (surface layer) that occurs naturally in all glazed stoneware. Some stoneware is famous for its crazed look, Raku pottery for example. Polish pottery, thanks to high quality raw components, is resilient to crazing. Keep in mind that crazing will not affect usability of the dish or diminish its functionality, it is just cosmetic. The process of crazing is caused by thermal expansion. There are ways to prevent crazing occurring on your dishes. The most important advice is to let your dishes warm and cool at normal rates, sudden and fast temperature changes will significantly increase risk of crazing.


Do I get any warranty?

Pottery that is properly cared for will last forever. However due to different standards that different workshops are using, we warranty product from Ceramika Artystyczna. Ceramika Artystyczna is the workshop that applies the highest standards in their creation process. They are truly dedicated to quality and creating magnificent pieces. 


I have a question? 

Our Polish ♥ Pottery team will be more the happy to answer your questions or concerns. Please use the form below to contact us.